How to improve your gas mileage

If you’re looking to save money on fuel costs, then improving your gas mileage is a great way to start. Weber Insurance can help you get the most out of your vehicle’s miles per gallon while on the road in Hanover, PA, where we serve auto insurance to our new and long-term clients. 

Here are some tips:

1. Make sure your car is regularly maintained

This includes things like checking tire pressure and performing regular oil changes, as well as replacing any worn or damaged parts. Regularly maintaining your vehicle will ensure that all its components are in good working order and not impeding the vehicle’s performance.

2. Drive more efficiently

Driving more economically can help you boost your mpg. This means avoiding sudden acceleration, braking and idling whenever possible and taking it easy on the accelerator while driving. 

3. Reduce drag

Reducing drag on your vehicle by removing roof racks or other items attached to the outside of your car can improve aerodynamics and increase fuel efficiency. 

4. Check air filters

Dirty air filters reduce the amount of oxygen getting into the engine and can lower fuel economy significantly. Make sure you check them regularly and replace them when necessary for better gas mileage. 

5. Use cruise control

Keeping a constant speed helps keep fuel waste down, so using cruise control whenever possible can help conserve gasoline over time. 

Make Sure To Get Insurance Coverage For Your Car – It’s Mandatory!

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to get better gas mileage from your car and save money in the long run! For more money and energy-saving tips, give us a call at Weber Insurance today. We proudly serve Hanover, PA and surrounding areas. 

Three advantages you’ll enjoy if you invest in renters insurance

Carrying renters insurance is beneficial to you if you live in a rental unit in Hanover, PA. Rely on us at Weber Insurance to provide you with a renters insurance policy that meets your needs.

The following are three advantages you’ll enjoy if you invest in renters insurance:

Renters insurance protects you against possible liability expenses

Liability coverage is one of the most important types of coverage that renters insurance offers. This coverage protects you if you get sued because of an accident that occurs within your rented home. 

Liability coverage protects you in the event of both property damage expenses and medical care costs resulting from liability issues. 

Renters insurance covers the value of your belongings

Personal property coverage is another type of financial protection that a renters insurance policy can include. You can insure the belongings within your rented home up to a certain amount.

This coverage gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the value of your most expensive possessions is protected. 

Renters insurance can cover temporary housing costs for you if you can no longer live in your rental unit

Natural disaster damage to your rental unit could make it so that you can’t live in your home anymore. In this case, you’ll need alternative housing.

Renters insurance policies can include coverage to pay for a hotel or other temporary lodging. This comes in handy after your rental unit has been rendered inhabitable as the result of numerous possible causes of damage. 

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When you choose a renters insurance policy, it’s best if you get quotes from a few different insurance providers. At Weber Insurance, we can provide you with a quote for a policy to insure your rented home in Hanover, PA. Get in touch with us to learn more!

4 Safety Tips For Winter Driving

When you have to drive in winter weather, it is still lovely to look at, but it has a different significance as far as safety. Winter weather and driving conditions may be very dangerous. It is crucial to be aware of and follow these winter driving recommendations from Weber Insurance serving Hanover, PA residents for both your safety and the safety of those cars around you.

4 Safety Tips For Winter Driving

1. Monitor Tire Inflation

To ensure adequate vehicle control on slick roads, as much friction as possible is needed. To ensure that more of the tire surface is in touch with the road during the winter, use a tire pressure tester to adjust your tires’ inflation to the best level for winter driving. If you do not feel comfortable using a tire pressure gauge, have a mechanic at an auto shop do it for you.

2. Obtain a Winter Vehicle Inspection

Bring your car in for a winter checkup before winter sets in. The inspection will include items like tire tread depth, battery charge, antifreeze, radiator hoses, heater operation, and exhaust operation.

3. Keep Your Fuel Tank Full

It is crucial to keep your tank at least halfway filled throughout the winter. If you allow it to drop below that, you run the danger of a fuel line freeze-up, which might need expensive and difficult repairs. Also, you don’t want to run the risk of running out of fuel on a deserted road in winter.

4. Avoid Preheating Your Car in an Enclosed Space

When you get into your vehicle in the winter, you don’t want to feel excessively cold. However, if your automobile is kept in a garage or another enclosed area, avoid warming it up in an enclosed space. Carbon monoxide, which can be fatal, can build up in only a few minutes. Instead, take your vehicle outside, into an open area, to warm it up until it’s comfortable.

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Do I need auto insurance in Hanover?

Those that live in the Hanover, PA area will find owning a car is always a good idea. When you are a car owner, it will be a lot easier to get around the community. Along with shopping for a car, you should also think about insurance. There are various reasons why the typical car owner in this state will need to have auto coverage.

Why Auto Insurance?

Coverage is Mandated by the State

A common reason for people to have this insurance is that it is required by the state. All drivers in Pennsylvania are obligated to carry liability insurance. This coverage provides support in the event you are found to be at fault in an accident. Due to the importance of this insurance, it is also a requirement in order to drive your car on a public road. If you do not have liability coverage, you could face various forms of penalization. 

Coverage Protects Car

You also should get an auto plan to protect your car. A vehicle is a major investment and asset that you will want to ensure is protected. With a fully comprehensive and collision plan, you are protected against many potential risks, which can make it a wise investment. If you do have a loan outstanding, you also need to have this coverage to meet the requirements of your lender. 

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Having an auto insurance policy is needed for practically any car owner in the Hanover, PA area. When you are looking for this insurance here, you can start your search by calling the professionals with Weber Insurance. There are various choices to make when evaluating your insurance needs and Weber Insurance will give any support needed to build your next policy. This will give you the comfort that you are properly insured at all times. 

Do all renters need renters insurance in Pennsylvania?

Finding a place to live continues to be an important choice for many people in the Hanover, PA area. For many, renting a home can be a great option. If you are going to rent your next property, you still need to carefully consider your insurance options and needs. A form of coverage that all people here need to have is renters’ insurance.

There are various reasons why someone will need this coverage in this state:

Protect Themselves

An important reason that anyone will want to have a renters’ insurance plan when in Hanover is so they can protect themselves. A proper renters’ insurance plan will offer various forms of coverage and support. This can include coverage for your personal assets and personal liability coverage. If a situation results in a loss or a personal liability claim, your renters’ insurance policy will offer the support you need. 

Comply with Lease

It is also helpful to get a renters’ insurance plan so you can comply with the terms of your lease. If you do rent a home, you are bound to sign a lease with the property owner. In most standard lease forms, a tenant and a renter are required to obtain a renters’ insurance plan. Property owners want you to have this due to the value and protection that it can provide for you. 

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When you live in the Hanover, PA area and are trying to properly insure yourself, calling the team with Weber Insurance would be a great option. Anyone that is looking for a new renters’ insurance plan is bound to have questions about their needs and options. The professionals with Weber Insurance will provide this support to ensure you can build an ideal plan that will meet your needs and requirements. 

What Hanover residents need to know before selecting their home insurance

Weber Insurance is proud to work with homeowners in the greater Hanover, PA to help them protect their homes. If you are in the process of buying a home and aren’t sure what to look for when choosing your policy, we are here to help!

Features to look for when selecting your home policy

The right homeowner’s policy can meet a lot of different needs. As a homeowner, you will want to protect yourself from liability, damage, and loss. In most instances, a single homeowner’s policy is enough to meet your needs. In other situations, it may be different to obtain a policy rider or a supplemental policy to meet specific protection needs.

When selecting your policy, make sure that it has the specific coverage that you need. For example, if you invest in art or jewelry, you may need to have a personal articles rider with your policy to provide adequate protection. Your agent can review the maximum single-item coverage stipulations with you. 

The most important part of choosing the right policy is working with the right agent. If it becomes necessary for you to file a loss claim, you will want to work with a friendly and helpful local agent. No one wants to have to rely on a random, faceless person for help. But, sadly, this is often the case when you choose to purchase home insurance via the internet.  

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Residents in the greater Hanover, PA area can turn to the team at Weber Insurance for all of their insurance needs. We can help you better determine your needs and provide the information necessary to make an informed decision when choosing your homeowner’s policy. Give us a call or stop by today!

How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need?

When it comes to car insurance, a lot of things go into deciding how much coverage you need. You want to ensure you’re fully protected in case of an accident, but you also don’t want to pay for more coverage than you need. Here we discuss some factors that go into determining how much auto insurance you need.

Auto Insurance Coverage: What You Need To Know

1. The Type of Car You Drive

The type of car you drive can significantly affect how much auto insurance you need in Hanover PA. If you have an older, less valuable car, you may only need the minimum amount of coverage required by your state. On the other hand, if you have a newer, more expensive car, you’ll likely need more coverage to protect your investment.

2. Your Driving Record

Your driving record is another important factor in determining how much car insurance you need. If you have a clean driving record, you’ll probably only need the minimum amount of coverage. However, if you’ve had accidents or traffic violations, you may need to purchase more coverage from Weber Insurance to protect yourself financially.

3. The Coverage You Need

There are several different types of coverage available, and you’ll need to decide which ones are right for you. If you’re only concerned with protecting your car, you may only need liability insurance. However, if you’re also concerned with protecting yourself financially in case of an accident, you may need to purchase additional coverage such as collision or comprehensive insurance.

4. Your Budget

Your budget is also an important consideration when determining how much auto insurance you need. You’ll want to make sure that you can afford the premiums for the coverage you purchase, so be sure to get quotes from several different companies before making a decision.

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There are a lot of factors to consider when determining how much auto insurance you need. Be sure to take all of these factors into account before making a decision. If you have any questions, our team at Weber Insurance in Hanover, PA, would be happy to help you find the right coverage for your needs. Give us a call today.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance covers possessions and this may include clothes, furniture, electronics, and other household items. It also covers your personal belongings when they are away from the home or in transit to another location. 

Many policies also offer coverage for your rental unit in the event of a fire or other disaster. For expert insurance advice in the greater Hanover, PA community, consult with Weber Insurance. 

Renters Insurance: What You Need To Know

The Renters insurance also covers your belongings if an accident occurs at the property such as a broken window or plumbing issue. It may also cover your belongings if there is a covered loss due to a natural disaster or something as simple as a guest damaging property. 

Finally, some policies may also cover your belongings if they are destroyed due to vandalism. The coverage varies by provider, so make sure to compare different options to find one that fits your needs best. Renters insurance may also cover your home if you’re a renter and the property is damaged by a covered peril. It typically costs about $30 per month. 

Renters insurance does not cover any of your landlord’s property or your landlord’s liability. If you are renting a house or condo, and it floods or burns down, renters insurance will not cover the damage to the building itself; it will only cover the damage to your belongings inside. 

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You should always have renter’s insurance if you are renting a house or condo because it is very likely that something will happen to the place where you live and could cause major property damage. 

It may also cover liability if you are in a residential building and cause damage to the structure. Some policies also cover your possessions if they are lost or damaged in an occurrence other than a covered loss. For professional help, call us today at Weber Insurance in Hanover PA.

Auto Insurance Tips for High-Risk Drivers

If you have a negative driving record, have a high car insurance premium, or own a luxury car, you may be looking for ways to lower your car insurance rate. You may have tried shopping around and getting quotes from several insurers but didn’t notice significant rate changes. 

You can lower your insurance rates. It’s important to remember that you are paying a high premium because you pose a higher risk to the insurance company. You can take steps to decrease this risk and potentially lower your car insurance rate. Weber Insurance in Hanover, PA can help. 

Check On Your Policy And Driving Record 

While it’s true that you can’t change your risk level, you can lower your insurance costs by increasing your policy’s coverage limits. Doing so will increase your monthly premium, but it may be worth it if it means better protection for you and your family. You may also want to explore different types of coverage, such as an umbrella policy, which provides greater coverage than a standard policy. 

Finally, you can shop for a new policy every to see if different companies offer different rates. Even if you can’t change your risk level, some companies offer better rates for high-risk drivers. If your household has a young driver, you may want to look into an accident forgiveness policy. 

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for lowering your car insurance premium. First, ensure you have an active insurance policy. Many people forget to keep their policy active, which can cause cancellation. Secondly, update your policy as soon as you change cars. When buying a new car, remember to update your insurance policy. Failure to do so causes a premium increase. 

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Shop around for the best possible rate from your current insurer to minimize your rates. Also, think of a different policy, such as a combined car and health insurance policy. If you can afford to increase your deductible, it will reduce the amount of coverage but lower your premiums. Call Weber Insurance today in Hanover, PA for professional advice.

Tips for making your home a safer place

Feeling safe in your home is so important. Many different factors contribute to home safety. You can’t anticipate every safety issue but you can do some things to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. At Weber Insurance in Hanover, PA, we have more than 80 years of experience and we use that experience to provide our customers with the honesty and quality of service they deserve. 

Tips for making your home a safer place

Safety begins with making sure the environment inside your home is safe. That means making sure your smoke detectors are operating and, depending on the type of heating system, you have carbon dioxide detectors as well. Back-up batteries need to be changed every six months and the units need to be tested to make sure they are operating correctly. 

Trips, slips, and falls are some of the biggest dangers in homes. This means keeping walkways within the home safe and clear of items that can cause falls. Never pile or store things on the stairs. Use a slip-proof mat in the tub and shower and be sure to tack down throw rugs. Don’t run electrical or extension cords where they can cause an accident. 

Fires are another danger in your home. Have your furnace cleaned every year and if you use your fireplace, have your chimney cleaned as well. Have a home fire extinguisher in the home just in case. 

To keep your home safe from dangers outside the home, install a home alarm system, good locks on doors and windows, and use them. Get motion detector lights outside your doors and your garage. A doorbell camera is an easy way to identify who is at your door. 

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