Four things you shouldn’t assume about renters insurance

It’s a good idea to carry renters insurance if you live in a rental unit in Hanover, PA. If you’re looking for an insurance provider offering renters coverage, you can check out our policy offerings at Weber Insurance. 

The following are four things you shouldn’t assume about renters insurance:

Renters insurance only covers your personal property in your rental unit.

Personal property coverage is an important type of coverage included under a renters insurance policy. However, renters insurance offers more than just coverage for personal property.

A renters insurance policy can also offer coverage for liability expenses, additional living expenses, and more. 

You can be reimbursed for damages by your landlord.

Don’t depend on your landlord for compensation when you are faced with a lawsuit as a renter. Unfortunately, a landlord’s insurance policy won’t always provide coverage when a tenant is sued because of an injury that takes place in his or her apartment.

It doesn’t matter which renters insurance policy you choose.

Renters insurance policies can differ widely in terms of how much coverage they offer and what types of damages they offer coverage for. That’s why you need to carefully research your options and make sure you fully understand a policy before buying it. 

One renters insurance policy will cover everyone in your apartment.

You cannot expect to be covered because someone else who lives in your apartment has renters insurance. Renters insurance will typically only offer coverage for the policyholder and not for everyone else who lives in the policyholder’s apartment. 

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