Coverage that renters insurance provides

At Weber Insurance in Hanover, PA, we understand that renters need to protect themselves from all the hazards that can damage their rental. Only 40% of renters have insurance, which is pretty scary if you realize that you are in danger of losing just about everything that you own. We would like to sit down and discuss the benefits of this essential insurance with you so that you can protect yourself and your assets. 

You may believe that your landlord has insurance that protects you. That is not true. What landlords protect is their property, which is the building itself. What belongs to you and is in your unit is not their responsibility. 

Renters insurance offers much of the same coverage that home insurance does. It covers your content, gives you liability protection, and provides loss of use coverage. All of these are very important. 

Content Coverage

All of your possessions, clothing, electronics, furniture, and more will be covered both in your rental and when you are away from home with them. You have two options; current value and replacement. Replacement is what it costs to get something you lost today, and current value includes depreciation.


If someone is injured when they visit you, you will have the coverage to pay for any medical care they need, and if they sue you it can help with that too. It will even cover a furry friend if they bite someone. 

Loss of use

If your rental is damaged so severely that you can’t live in it, this coverage will provide the money you need to get a rental and to be able to eat out while you don’t have a place to cook. 

Contact Weber Insurance in Hanover, PA to get the information you need to decide on rental coverage.