Will homeowners insurance cover the repair of my cracked foundation?

Homeowners insurance covers many different areas of concern for homeowners. Without it, many homeowners would be ill-prepared for many of the unexpected situations that come with homeownership. However, not everything is covered by homeowner insurance. It’s a good idea to read the fine print and understand what’s covered and what’s not. The Weber Insurance team is committed to helping Hanover, PA homeowners understand homeowner’s insurance.

What is homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance is bundled with coverage in a variety of different areas. Liability coverage provides protection for homeowners if they damage, cause an injury or accident on their own property, and more. Homeowners insurance also provides coverage for every structure on the property, personal belongings, the exterior and interior of the home, sheds, mailboxes, and more. Although many circumstances and situations are covered by homeowners’ insurance, there are circumstances when a situation falls outside a homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Will homeowners insurance cover the repair of my cracked foundation?

Maybe. Your foundation is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. However, the circumstances surrounding your cracked foundation determine whether the repair or replacement of your foundation is eligible for repair. Normal wear and tear that come from age or neglect aren’t covered under your policy. However, if your foundation is cracked as a result of some natural disasters like windstorms, lightning, fire, vandalism, explosions, falling objects,  damage caused by vehicles, and water damage from plumbing issues. Settling and other common foundation issues aren’t covered. As stated above, only some natural disasters are covered. Earthquakes and floods are not covered by a homeowners’ insurance policy.

If you have questions regarding what’s covered by homeowners’ insurance, call us at Weber Insurance in Hanover, PA. We’d be happy to help you explore your options. 

3 Things Homeowners Need to Know about Insurance

If you’re planning to buy a new home or are already a resident in Hanover, PA or the surrounding area, you can turn to the team here at Weber Insurance for all of your homeowner policy needs. Finding the right insurance to protect your home can often be a confusing experience, and we’re here to help.

Important Things to Know about Your Homeowner’s Policy

  1. Proper Coverage Levels – one of the most important decisions to make when choosing your homeowner’s policy is the level of coverage. No one wants to have a loss occur only to find out that they don’t have the coverage they need.
  2. Liability Protection – many homeowners don’t give a lot of consideration to liability protection when choosing their policies. If a guest or worker is injured on your property, you’ll want to have an adequate amount of liability protection in place.
  3. Regular Reviews – once you and your agent have determined which policy is right for your needs, it’s important to review your coverage on a regular basis. Most agencies advise that this review occurs about once a year. You’ll be able to discuss any changes that have occurred in the past year and update your policy appropriately.

Now’s an ideal time to learn more about the policy options that are currently available in our area. Your home is likely the largest investment you’ll have in your lifetime, and it’s important to protect it. Find out more today and how you can keep it safe.

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The Role of Home Insurance in Homeownership

Owning a home is a significant milestone for many individuals and families. However, home insurance is one crucial aspect of homeownership that should not be overlooked. Home insurance provides a safety net for homeowners, protecting their most valuable assets from unexpected events such as fire, theft, and natural disasters. Therefore, homeowners need to understand the role of home insurance.

At Weber Insurance in Hanover, PA, we’re here to share information so you can feel comfortable with your policy.

What Home Insurance Covers

Home insurance typically offers coverage for various elements, including:

  • Dwelling: Protection for the home’s structure, including walls, roofs, and built-in appliances.
  • Personal Property: Coverage for furniture, electronics, and clothing.
  • Liability: Financial protection if a homeowner is held legally responsible for injuries or property damage to others.
  • Additional Living Expenses: Reimbursement for temporary living costs if a home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event.

These coverages will vary depending on the specific policy you choose. Therefore, reviewing the policy details carefully and asking us questions when selecting home insurance is essential.

Importance of Home Insurance

Home insurance is vital for several reasons:

  • Mortgage Requirements: Most lenders require home insurance as a condition for obtaining a mortgage, ensuring their investment is protected.
  • Financial Security: Home insurance protects against potential losses from unforeseen events.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your home and belongings are protected allows homeowners to focus on enjoying their lives and building a future.

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Here’s Why Lenders Require Home Insurance

Did you know that Americans hold more than $10 trillion dollars in mortgage debt? In fact, roughly 70 percent of all debt in the United States is tied up in mortgages. Generally speaking, mortgages are considered good debt because they allow folks to build up equity while satisfying an essential need for shelter.

Typically, the organizations extending loans for mortgages require that homeowners take out home insurance. We’ll look into why, but if you’re looking for home insurance, get in touch with Weber Insurance, serving Hanover, PA and other areas nearby.

Why Lenders Mandate Home Insurance

So why do lenders require that borrowers take out home insurance? We’ll dig into the details shortly, but the short answer is that lenders want to protect themselves. Mortgages are “secured” debt, meaning the loan is tied to collateral. In the case of mortgages, that collateral is typically the house or property bought with the mortgage.

If the borrower stops making payments on the mortgage, the bank will be able to take possession of the home or other property. Then, they can sell the property, thus recouping some or all of their losses. As a result, the mortgage itself is a relatively low-risk type of loan. With unsecured loans, banks can’t take possession of collateral.

Low risks allow lenders to extend loans with relatively low-interest rates. Mortgage interest rates began to rise in 2022, but the average rate was still below 7 percent. In 2021, mortgages with interest rates of less than 4 percent were pretty common. Yet if a home is damaged, say in a storm, it’s going to be worth less. This means the collateral for the loan is worth less as well. For the lender, this results in increased risks.

To protect their interests, lenders, including banks, require that homes bought with mortgages be covered by home insurance. This insurance protects not just the home and homeowner, but also the lender and its interests.

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What Hanover residents need to know before selecting their home insurance

Weber Insurance is proud to work with homeowners in the greater Hanover, PA to help them protect their homes. If you are in the process of buying a home and aren’t sure what to look for when choosing your policy, we are here to help!

Features to look for when selecting your home policy

The right homeowner’s policy can meet a lot of different needs. As a homeowner, you will want to protect yourself from liability, damage, and loss. In most instances, a single homeowner’s policy is enough to meet your needs. In other situations, it may be different to obtain a policy rider or a supplemental policy to meet specific protection needs.

When selecting your policy, make sure that it has the specific coverage that you need. For example, if you invest in art or jewelry, you may need to have a personal articles rider with your policy to provide adequate protection. Your agent can review the maximum single-item coverage stipulations with you. 

The most important part of choosing the right policy is working with the right agent. If it becomes necessary for you to file a loss claim, you will want to work with a friendly and helpful local agent. No one wants to have to rely on a random, faceless person for help. But, sadly, this is often the case when you choose to purchase home insurance via the internet.  

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Tips for making your home a safer place

Feeling safe in your home is so important. Many different factors contribute to home safety. You can’t anticipate every safety issue but you can do some things to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. At Weber Insurance in Hanover, PA, we have more than 80 years of experience and we use that experience to provide our customers with the honesty and quality of service they deserve. 

Tips for making your home a safer place

Safety begins with making sure the environment inside your home is safe. That means making sure your smoke detectors are operating and, depending on the type of heating system, you have carbon dioxide detectors as well. Back-up batteries need to be changed every six months and the units need to be tested to make sure they are operating correctly. 

Trips, slips, and falls are some of the biggest dangers in homes. This means keeping walkways within the home safe and clear of items that can cause falls. Never pile or store things on the stairs. Use a slip-proof mat in the tub and shower and be sure to tack down throw rugs. Don’t run electrical or extension cords where they can cause an accident. 

Fires are another danger in your home. Have your furnace cleaned every year and if you use your fireplace, have your chimney cleaned as well. Have a home fire extinguisher in the home just in case. 

To keep your home safe from dangers outside the home, install a home alarm system, good locks on doors and windows, and use them. Get motion detector lights outside your doors and your garage. A doorbell camera is an easy way to identify who is at your door. 

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What First Time Homebuyers Need To Know About Insurance

Buying your first house is an exciting time. In order to best protect this big investment you have made, you will need a solid home insurance policy in place. At Weber Insurance, we provide our clients with solid insurance information so that they can make confident insurance choices. Keep reading to learn more about home insurance in Hanover, PA and the surrounding areas. 

Home Owner’s Insurance Is A Necessity 

The only way to fully protect this new investment you have made is with a home insurance policy. If your home is under a mortgage, you will probably be required by the mortgage company to have insurance in place. Even if this is not a requirement for you, though, a home insurance policy will protect you from devastating expenses if your home is damaged or destroyed. 

Home Insurance Coverage

You can customize your home insurance policy to meet your particular needs, but in general, a home insurance policy will provide coverage in the following areas:

  • Property damage- If the home is damaged or lost due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary, the policy will pay you for repairs or replacement of your home. 
  • Liability- If someone is injured at your home or on your property, your policy will cover any medical or legal expenses that may result. If you do not have liability coverage, you will be held liable for these expenses. 

Flood Insurance Is Not Usually Included

First-time homebuyers should be aware that flood insurance is not usually included in a normal home insurance policy. You will need to speak with an insurance representative about this type of coverage. 

If you would like to learn more about home insurance or any of our other insurance services, please contact us at Weber Insurance serving Hanover, PA and the surrounding areas. 

Is Home Insurance Required in Pennsylvania?

Homeowners in Hanover, PA and the surrounding areas know what a monumental accomplishment it is to buy your dream home and settle down in Pennsylvania. With homeownership comes many responsibilities that are essential to staying on top of to ensure your home stays in great condition as the years go by. The Weber Insurance team is a great option for home insurance in Pennsylvania and we service many residents here. 

While the state of Pennsylvania specifically does not require home insurance, there are many other reasons you should invest in it. For one, if you worked with a lender to secure a mortgage on your home, it’s highly likely that the lender requires you to maintain home insurance to protect their investment in you. 

Besides the rules and other technicalities, home insurance provides more peace of mind than anything else when it comes to keeping your greatest asset and your family safe and secure. 

Standard insurance policies in Pennsylvania typically include coverage for rebuilding or repairing your home if it is damaged in a fire, from a natural disaster or weather occurrence, theft, or vandalism. 

Liability coverage can cover you in the event that any guest staying at or visiting your home becomes injured on your property. This can cover medical bills and other hospital-related expenses. 

There are many other coverage options for other things, like your expensive valuables, or if you want additional coverage because you have a swimming pool or trampoline, or to protect other structures on your property. 

The team at Weber Insurance is happy to break down the costs and help you select a home insurance policy that suits your lifestyle and needs here in Hanover, PA. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help! 

Home Insurance Overview To Help Pennsylvania Homeowners Find Coverage

Weber Insurance covers the Hanover, PA community. We offer multiple policies to help our clients protect their assets. We are an independent insurance agency. We work with multiple carriers across the East Coast. We will help you evaluate your options to find the best policy for your situation.

Home Insurance Guide

Not only is your Hanover, PA home a valuable asset, it’s also your sanctuary. Home insurance allows you to protect one of your most valuable possessions. The policy covers the interior and exterior structure of your home. You can have peace of mind if your home is damaged due to an accidental fire or inclement weather. You are also covered if your possessions are stolen or vandalized. It’s a good idea to take inventory of your personal items so that you are aware of their true value if something happens to them. Also, if you have any luxury items, you may need to add extra coverage in order to fully protect those items if something happens to them. Also, if you have any luxury items, you may need to add extra coverage in order to fully protect those items if something happens.

Liability coverage protects you if a guest is injured while visiting your property. If you like to invite people over on a regular basis, liability coverage is a huge asset. Liability coverage also protects you if you accidentally damage someone’s property. This accidental pet damage or if you are doing some landscaping and some trees or bushes accidentally damage your neighbor’s property.

You can also add extra coverage to your policy. In the event that your home suffers severe damage, you can add alternative living coverage. This will cover you as seek somewhere else to stay while your home is repaired.

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