Tips for Keeping Your Auto Insurance Valid

Weber Insurance is a trusted insurance provider serving Hanover, PA. We can help you find a policy and ensure that your current option doesn’t void by accident. This situation is one that impacts more people than you might expect and requires you to take a series of simple steps.

Let Your Insurance Company Know About Moves 

If you plan on moving at any time in the next year or so, let your insurer know! If you fail to update your address, there’s a chance some companies may get upset. While it might not void your policy, living in new areas might increase your crash risk and impact what policy you get.

Consider an Umbrella Rider 

Umbrella policies provide extra liability protection for your vehicle and can minimize problems with its validity. For example, if your basic policy maxes out on liability protection, your umbrella coverage will pay the rest of the bill to ensure that you don’t run into any serious issues. 

Pay Your Bills on Time 

Missing one insurance bill isn’t going to void your agreement, but missing two or three just might. It all depends on your insurance company and their policies. It’s the simplest thing in the world to avoid if you simply just pay your coverage costs every month to stay safe.

Set Up Automatic Payments 

Are you someone who often forgets bill timing and runs into issues with keeping your policies valid? It’s a smart idea to create automatic payments that take money from your account every month. Or you can set up a one- or two-time pay option to get your car insured all year round.

Protect Yourself Properly

Our team at Weber Insurance can provide Hanover, PA residents with the protection that they need to keep their auto policies active. By following these and other important tips, you can minimize your potential loss and ensure that you get the help you need financially after a crash.