Special Considerations for Drivers Who travel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Driver safety should be on your mind whenever you’re behind the wheel. Every type of road needs safety awareness. But, somehow, once you drive onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike, its length and vastness suddenly bring drivers to a heightened awareness of driver safety. 

At Weber Insurance, serving the Hanover, PA area, we want you to have all the information you need to drive safely in every situation. 

Some safety guidelines for driving on the PA turnpike include: 

Speed limits: 

The maximum speed on the Turnpike is 70 mph. Remember to adjust your speed in areas of traffic or extreme weather conditions. 

Wipers & Headlights: 

If rain is heavy enough for wipers, improve your visibility by turning on your headlights. 

Driving versus Passing: 

The right lane on the Turnpike is for driving, while the left is for passing.

Crashes and Breakdowns

Pull your car over to the right shoulder if you’re in a collision. Dial *11 for assistance. Exchange information with the other driver and wait for service.

Yellow Dots

This is like adding a Medic Alert bracelet to your car. The bright yellow stickers are placed on your rear windshield. They alert rescue workers you’ve placed personal health information in your glove compartment.

Fight Fatigue

Because of the length of the Turnpike, developing driver fatigue is a serious risk. If you find yourself yawning frequently or if your eyes keep closing despite your best efforts, pull your car over. Research recommends a short nap and 2 cups of coffee to return to alertness. 

Keep Your Insurance Updated

At Weber Insurance Company, serving the Hanover, PA metroplex, we want you to put safety first – no matter where you drive. Reach out to us for information on all your insurance needs.