What does a renters insurance policy cover?

Renters insurance from Weber Insurance is an important form of protection for Hanover, PA area tenants that often goes overlooked. This type of coverage guards you from damages or losses to your property due to theft, fire, vandalism, and other risks. It also provides liability coverage, meaning it can help protect you from lawsuits if someone is injured in your rental unit. 

Renters Insurance Coverage

When selecting a renters insurance policy, be sure to understand what it covers. Generally speaking, most policies cover personal items such as clothing and furniture that have been damaged or stolen. It may also include reimbursement for temporary housing if you need to move out after damage has occurred in the rental unit.

Depending on the policy and insurer, some forms of coverage may include living expenses and food costs if your unit has become uninhabitable due to a covered cause of loss.

Liability coverage typically pays for legal fees related to any injury that occurs in the rental unit.  It also pays for any damages that may have been caused by the tenant, including negligence or intentional misdeeds. Be sure to read your policy carefully and ask questions so you understand what exactly is covered. 

Overall, renters insurance is an important investment for tenants who want peace of mind knowing their belongings and liabilities are covered in case something unfortunate were to occur. Be sure to read through the policy carefully so you know what is included in your coverage before signing up for a plan.

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