4 Safety Tips For Winter Driving

When you have to drive in winter weather, it is still lovely to look at, but it has a different significance as far as safety. Winter weather and driving conditions may be very dangerous. It is crucial to be aware of and follow these winter driving recommendations from Weber Insurance serving Hanover, PA residents for both your safety and the safety of those cars around you.

4 Safety Tips For Winter Driving

1. Monitor Tire Inflation

To ensure adequate vehicle control on slick roads, as much friction as possible is needed. To ensure that more of the tire surface is in touch with the road during the winter, use a tire pressure tester to adjust your tires’ inflation to the best level for winter driving. If you do not feel comfortable using a tire pressure gauge, have a mechanic at an auto shop do it for you.

2. Obtain a Winter Vehicle Inspection

Bring your car in for a winter checkup before winter sets in. The inspection will include items like tire tread depth, battery charge, antifreeze, radiator hoses, heater operation, and exhaust operation.

3. Keep Your Fuel Tank Full

It is crucial to keep your tank at least halfway filled throughout the winter. If you allow it to drop below that, you run the danger of a fuel line freeze-up, which might need expensive and difficult repairs. Also, you don’t want to run the risk of running out of fuel on a deserted road in winter.

4. Avoid Preheating Your Car in an Enclosed Space

When you get into your vehicle in the winter, you don’t want to feel excessively cold. However, if your automobile is kept in a garage or another enclosed area, avoid warming it up in an enclosed space. Carbon monoxide, which can be fatal, can build up in only a few minutes. Instead, take your vehicle outside, into an open area, to warm it up until it’s comfortable.

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